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is an American rock band. The group consists of Jason Wade (lead vocals & guitar), Ben Carey (Lead Guitar), Rick Woolstenhulme Jr. (drums & percussion), and Bryce Soderberg (bass guitar).

Lifehouse was started in Los Angeles in 1996 by lead singer and songwriter Jason Wade, then in his mid-teens. Wade had moved a lot as a child, starting out in Camarillo, California, and moving with his parents to various points in Asia, including Japan and Thailand, before heading back to the United States to settle in Portland, Oregon. Stability was short-lived, however, and when his parents divorced, he moved yet again, this time with his mother to Seattle, Washington. It was there, while in junior high school, that Wade began to write and play music. When he was 15, he and his mother relocated a final time, to Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, Wade met bass player Sergio Andrade (lifehouse former bassist)a nd drummer Rick Woolstenhulme, and they played together as Blyss. Andrade had emigrated as a child from Guatemala City, and Woostenhulme, from rural Arizona, was in Los Angeles to study at the Los Angeles Music Academy. The trio later changed its name to Lifehouse. The group first came together as a Christian band called Blyss (Later re-issued as "Bliss"), and recorded and released their debut album, Diff's Lucky Day, in 1999.

Two years later, Lifehouse played a song called Breathing for the producer, which led to a contract with DreamWorks Records No Name Face, under the name Lifehouse. They came to prominence in 2001 with the hit single "Hanging by a Moment", a song written by Jason Wade on the spur of the moment that affirmed the band a place in musical history, being labeled the "Most Played Song of 2001". The single won a Billboard Music Award for Hot 100 Single of the Year.


No Name Face (2000)

  1. "Hanging By A Moment"
  2. "Sick Cycle Carousel"
  3. "Unknown"
  4. "Someone Else's Song"
  5. "Trying"
  6. "Only One"
  7. "Simon"
  8. "Cling And Clatter"
  9. "Breathing"
  10. " Quasimodo"
  11. "Somewhere In Between"
  12. " Everything"

Stanley Climbfall (2002)

  1. "Spin"
  2. "Wash"
  3. "Sky Is Falling"
  4. "Anchor"
  5. "Am I Ever Gonna Find Out"
  6. "Stanley Climbfall"
  7. "Out Of Breath"
  8. "Just Another Name"
  9. "Take Me Away"
  10. "My Precious"
  11. "Empty Space"
  12. "The Beginning"
  13. "How Long" **
  14. "Sky Is Falling" (Acoustic Version) **
  15. "Take Me Away" (Acoustic Version) **

**Special edition bonus track

Lifehouse (2005)

  1. "Come Back Down"
  2. "You and Me"
  3. "Blind"
  4. "All In All"
  5. "Better Luck Next Time"
  6. "Days Go By"
  7. "Into The Sun"
  8. "Undone"
  9. "We'll Never Know"
  10. "Walking Away"
  11. "Chapter One"
  12. "The End Has Only Begun"

Who We Are (2007)

  1. "Disarray"
  2. "First Time"
  3. "Whatever It Takes"
  4. "Who We Are"
  5. "Broken"
  6. "The Joke"
  7. "Easier to Be"
  8. "Make Me Over"
  9. "Mesmerized"
  10. "Bridges"
  11. "Learn You Inside Out"
  12. "Storm"

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